The Three Effects Of Cold Weather On Windshield Cracks

It won't be too long before the cold plummeting temperatures of winter arrive in Texas. It is important that your vehicle is well maintained before winter arrives, because there is nothing worse than breaking down and being stuck in the cold. One part of a car which often gets overlooked during maintenance is the windshield, and as someone who has a small chip in your windshield right now, you are debating whether to get it repaired or wait a little longer. Here are three things you need to know about winter cold and the effect it has on your windshield replacement.

Cold Temperature Expands Windshield Cracks

The small chip currently on your windshield is a weakness, and winter temperatures manipulate that weakness to make it worse. Your windshield glass expands and then contracts during the change of temperature during the day. As the day warms up, the glass expands, and as the temperature drops, the glass contracts again. This small expansion and contraction is not an issue for a complete windshield, but your small crack is moving with the windshield. Each time it expands and contracts, the crack widens a little, until it grows or breaks the glass completely.

Cold Weather Brings Moisture

Winter cold is often accompanied by snow, and the moisture from the snowflake is not a friend to windshield cracks. As the moisture enters the cracked windshield, it can get trapped inside the crack. When the windshield glass expands and contracts with the changing temperature of the day, this moisture expands and contracts too. It puts extra pressure on the weakened windshield and can lead to further damage and cracks in the glass.

Cold Temperature Hinders Windshield Replacement

A mobile windshield repairer is a perfect choice for replacing your windshield because they can do the job at a time and place which is convenient for you. However, the tools of their trade can be hindered by cold temperature. For example, a resin is applied around the new windshield when it is placed in your vehicle. This resin needs a chance to cure and dry before you can drive your car again. A heat lamp can be used during this drying process, but during cold temperatures, the drying time for the resin is longer than what is achieved during summer temperature.

Don't wait until winter to get your windshield replaced. Call a mobile repair service and have it seen to now so that you are not left out in the cold when your windshield fails you completely.