Shipping Your Vehicle Across The Country

When you need to make a trip across the country, you might not want to drive your personal vehicle. Driving from one coast to another can take a significant amount of time. This type of road trip can also place a lot of strain on your vehicle and add unnecessary miles to the odometer.

Opting to ship your vehicle instead can be a great solution. Use these tips to ensure that your next vehicle transport is a successful one.

1. Work with a reputable broker.

It's important that you work with a reputable and experienced broker when attempting to ship your vehicle across the country. Brokers have the ability to partner with several different vehicle transport companies to help you find the most affordable rate.

The broker will understand the permits required for successful shipping and be able to help guide you through the preparation process in order to ensure the success of your vehicle's trip.

2. Select a trailer type.

There are two trailer options when it comes to shipping your vehicle long distances- open or enclosed. An open trailer is typically the most affordable way to go, but it can leave your vehicle exposed to potential road hazards during transport. Rocks and other debris can hit your vehicle while it is on an open trailer, and your vehicle will be exposed to any inclement weather that might be present during the trip.

If your vehicle has significant value, you may want to consider an enclosed trailer instead. Enclosed trailers provide maximum protection while a vehicle is being shipped. You won't have to worry about damage or potential theft when using an enclosed trailer to ship your car across the country.

3. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for the trip.

Proper preparation is essential when it comes to shipping your vehicle. Make sure that your vehicle is clean inside and out. Check for leaks that might damage the transport trailer, and have these leaks repaired prior to shipment.

You should ensure that your vehicle's gas tank is only slightly full. This will help reduce the total weight of your car, and it will help prevent your vehicle from becoming a fire hazard while out on the road. Proper tire pressure is also essential, as your tires and rims could become damaged during shipment if your tires are not properly inflated.

Shipping your vehicle across the country can be a great way to gain access to your personal car without having to worry about the stress of a cross-country road trip. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.